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​​​ Thank you for visiting this website today.
​I wish your happy healthy life for your body and soul.
  Peace and Love,

​   Yuki


 Our rythym of our lives, go up and down like waves called Yin and Yang. Sometimes the waves are clam, sometimes stormy.
How we can manage the boat on these waves?
How we can enjoy our journey that is given us only once?
 As an Ayurvedic therapist/counsellor I would love to help you improveme the quality of your health, mentally and physically.

 Yoga is a science of life that helps us to understand ourselves deeply.
 Ayurveda treatment is one of the good way to reset our body and energy when it's unbalance.

 If you have the right tools for your journey you will live a more peaceful existence.

Be the captain of your boat!!